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Below is a collection of case studies from people who've joined S&P

"Found Time For Me Again + Leanest I've Ever Been"

"No More Fad Diets + Lightest Weight in 10 Years"

"Regained My Confidence + Toned Up"

"Got My Life Back + I Lost 120kgs"

"More Headspace + Stronger & Fitter Than EVER"

"Confident On Wedding Day + 40lbs Down"

"Fit For My Kids + Toned Up Wobbly Bits"

"Envy of My Mates + Anxiety Gone For Good"

"Dad Bod Gone + Smashed 10k Personal Best"

"Back To Pre-baby Best + Yummy Mummy"

"At My Strongest + 8% Body Fat Lost"

"Mental Focus + Shredded at 40"

"Found What Worked For Me + Leanest Shape Ever"

"Finally Achieved Balance + Got My Abs Back"

"Re-Discovered My Mojo + Fit at 50"

"Discovered Sustainable Diet + Lost 40lbs"

"Quit Smoking + Muffin Top Gone"

"Fixed A Serious Injury + Got In Shape For My Young Daughter"

"Golf Game Improved + Lost 4+ Stone"

"Got Over My Fear of Gyms + Smashed My Triathlon PR's"

"Made It Fit Around Work + Shaved 5 Minuted Off My 10k Time"

"Found A Pocket Of Me Time + Dropped 2 Dress Sizes"

"Discovered What Works For Me + All My Lifts Increased"

"Reduced My Stress + Jeans Fitting Snugly"

"Discovered What Works For Me + Strongest I've Ever Been"

"Kicked Daily Booze Habit + In My Best Shape Ever"

"More Focus In The Day + Gained 10lbs of Lean Muscle"

"Daily Chores Easy For Me Now + 14lbs Lighter"

"Beat My Sugar Cravings + 8 Inches Off My Waist"

"Dad Bod Gone + Lost 10kg in 6 weeks"

"Fit Training in Around Work + Back To Leanest Shape Ever"

"Great Work/Life Balance + Abs Poking Through Again"

"Rock Climbing Hobby Made Easy + Strength Increased by 21.2%"

"Recovered From Serious Injury + In My Best Condition Since Uni"

"Feeling Fabulous Over 50 + 2 Stones Off"

"No More Energy Dips in The Day + Belly Gone & 4 Jean Sizes Down"

"Found Time For Relaxation + Lost 19 Inches Off My Body"

"Kept Me Accountable + Got Beach Ready in 8 Weeks"

"Household Activities Now Easy + Added Muscle & Dropped 19 lbs of Fat"

"Regained Belief In Myself + Toned Up Stomach"

"Restored Faith in Food + Wedding Dress Ready"

"Helped Me Recover From Heart Attack + 37lbs Weight Loss"

"Helped Me Quit Tobacco + Toned Up My Entire Body"

"Can Keep Up With My Daughter + Got Abs For The First Time"

"I'm A Better Dad/Husband + I'm Stronger & Leaner Than in My Twenties"

"Energy is Through The Roof + Got Definition in Arms"

"Finally Found How To Have it All + I was Able To Date Again"

"Beat Depression + Trimmed 4 Inches Off Waist"

"Saved A Ton Of Time + Lost The Baby Weight in 3 Months"

"Sleeping 8 Hours A Night + Broke All My PB's in The Gym"

"Self Confidence is Higher + I'm Beating The Kids On The Pitch"

"Can Keep Up With My Kids + Got Rid Of My Mum Tum"

"Now I Know What I Can Eat + I Love What I See in The Mirror"

"Beat Depression + Trimmed 4 Inches Off Waist"

"Learned How To Eat For Results + I'm 2 Stones Lighter"

"Confidence & Energy Back + Finally Able To Fit Into Favourite Jeans"

"Less Stressed At Work + I'm Competing in Karate At The Highest Level Again"

"Kids Don't Run Rings Round Me + Achieved All Performance Goals"

"I Thought I'd Never Walk Again + Now I'm Fitter Than Before My Accident"

"No Longer Drinking 5 Cans A Night + Lost Beer Gut"

"Sex Drive Is Back + Toned Up All Over"

"Performance At Work Insane + Packed On 10+ lbs. Of Muscle"

"Work/Life Balance Sorted + Stronger & Fitter Than Ever Before"

"So Much More Confident + Running Has Improved 10X"

"Now Eat All The Foods I Love + Still Lost 10 Inches"

"Beating My Grandkids Up The Stairs + Trimmed 6 Inches Off Waist"

"Don't Dip Mid Afternoon + 1 Stone Down in 4 Weeks"

"Survived A Tough Year + I'm Loving The Results "

"So Much Energy + I'm No Longer The Big lad To My Friends"

"Way More Confident + And Back Pain is Gone"

"No More Endless Diets For Me + Lost 17kgs While Eating Cake"

"Got The Motivation To Apply For A New Job + Got The Body To Go With It"

"Everyday Tasks Are Easier + At My Lightest In Years"

"Plan Training Around Hectic Week + Hitting New Records Each Week"

"No Longer Out Of Breath + I'm 4 Stone+ Down"

"Finally Found My Motivation + Bye Bye Bingo Wings"

"I Understand That Change Is Relevant + Lost 5% Body Fat"

"Get Compliments On My Physique + Put On 10kgs Of Muscle"